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Virtual Spectator

Track your friends and family! Please note that team positions are calculated based on that team's expected position based on the times they reached earlier checkpoints. This is an estimate only.
Track Teams Flyover (8m51s)
  To work correctly, please load 'Track Teams' first
iPhone/iPad users - Please download the Google Earth app (free) from the iTunes App Store first and then use Safari on your iPhone/iPad to access this website and click the "Track Teams" button. If you find duplicate Team Numbers, you should clear your Cache and History in Google Earth (Click the Spanner Icon)

Full-distance teams will only be shown AFTER they pass Checkpoint 2 (from 9.30am)
Jim Stillman teams will be shown AFTER they pass Checkpoint 9 (between 12.45pm and 2.30pm)

KMLTracks is looking for an accurate GPS track file that covers the Kokoda Challenge. Please send any GPS track data to Chris Osborne after the event for use next year.

Event Photographs

SOK Images are thrilled to announce the photos from the 10th annual Kokoda Challenge are now available.

Check out photos taken by the official event photographer. Click on the button and show your support to this volunteer who gives up his time for all Kokoda youth Foundation events!!

Images by SOK Images

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