KMLTracks Solutions

KMLTracks has developed a unique system (originally for the Kokoda Challenge) which tracks RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tags usually attached to a person. When a person nears a reader, they are scanned by a radio frequency scanner connected to a laptop computer. The RFID tag information is then uploaded to the internet to provide real time information on the web, via a customised real time results web page and Google Earth visualisations.

Competitors can receive a customised email and an SMS message is sent to their mobile phone with their finish time as soon as they cross the finish line. Competitors no longer need to wait days for the results to be calculated and published.

We can provide RFID tags and the hire of RFID scanners, laptop computers, SMS & email messages, internet usage for data transfers during the event, results web site customised for your organisation and support for the event before, during and after the event. We can also handle the online registration process including credit card processing.

KMLTracks can provide the following services or a customised end-to-end solution to meet your specific requirements.

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