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CategoryPlace in CategoryTeam NumberTeam NameCompetitors FinishingFinish Time
General - All Ladies Team1109Offroad Chinwaggers414:19:02
General - All Ladies Team2103Titans315:12:20
General - All Ladies Team360Return of the Angels421:01:09
General - All Ladies Team436A for Effort423:16:35
General - All Ladies Team571All in it together423:39:17
General - All Ladies Team6357manly mums423:41:38
General - All Ladies Team776We 4 Walkers325:27:58
General - All Ladies Team8176Tassie She Devils 1426:09:58
General - All Ladies Team9245Tassie She-Devils2426:10:20
General - All Ladies Team10271TPB - The Pain Barrier326:19:45
General - All Ladies Team11220Cougars326:49:20
General - All Ladies Team122534 IRON MAIDENS426:54:42
General - All Ladies Team13352JAKS327:34:41
General - All Ladies Team14153the twisted sisters427:40:14
General - All Ladies Team15317anzacs428:59:06
General - All Ladies Team16294Crossfit Mooloolaba Team 1330:11:46
General - All Ladies Team17287Kokodettes430:24:37
General - All Ladies Team18258Bunnings South Tweed130:31:40
General - All Ladies Team1963Strength is WE430:33:47
General - All Ladies Team20158Team Fierce430:52:05
General - All Ladies Team21310Sisu131:13:07
General - All Ladies Team2293Des&Troy II431:13:09
General - All Ladies Team23122The Four Trekkers431:54:41
General - All Ladies Team24188Tuff Chicks232:17:59
General - All Ladies Team2561Landslide432:37:00
General - All Ladies Team26204Motley Crew333:21:20
General - All Ladies Team27141Pink Socks433:51:09
General - All Ladies Team283094TIFIED134:10:28
General - All Ladies Team29300Goyen Girls434:50:47
General - All Ladies Team30199goyen234:50:53
General - All Ladies Team313513 chicks and a chook434:51:13
General - All Ladies Team32279Team Focus235:06:25
General - All Ladies Team33194G.I. JANES336:02:01
General - All Ladies Team3416Because we can436:13:38
General - All Ladies Team35333The Hitchhikers136:42:05
General - All Ladies Team36133Klover336:52:02
General - All Men Team189team Rogzz313:03:43
General - All Men Team2355The Lads and Brad313:31:02
General - All Men Team374Cops on the Run317:00:43
General - All Men Team4297Fresh Fruit217:05:17
General - All Men Team564Tamborambos417:36:37
General - All Men Team6237Tassie He Devils317:48:54
General - All Men Team7315Noble Warriors417:52:22
General - All Men Team8213Team Uncertainty318:01:53
General - All Men Team932Concrete, Oil and Cakemix418:39:48
General - All Men Team10323GOT THE RUNS318:46:19
General - All Men Team11218RockSolid Challengers418:47:55
General - All Men Team1220Caboolture Road Runners418:48:17
General - All Men Team1315GCA1419:12:50
General - All Men Team14330Loose Kid Kops319:17:07
General - All Men Team15229Lions of Lucern419:29:52
General - All Men Team1684The PA Effstyx419:43:24
General - All Men Team17243Butchers Hill420:05:55
General - All Men Team18162Run-Ya320:11:35
General - All Men Team1956Die Hards420:27:32
General - All Men Team20244Midlifecrisis320:55:58
General - All Men Team2130Mixed Nuts421:00:59
General - All Men Team22101Team Run Like Crazy321:07:33
General - All Men Team2359bendworx421:36:09
General - All Men Team24251S.O.S421:53:32
General - All Men Team25208Walk Tall221:54:09
General - All Men Team26295twenty twenty421:54:38
General - All Men Team27127Purple Shotguns421:55:09
General - All Men Team282684 From Warwick321:55:33
General - All Men Team29246Happy Wanderers421:58:34
General - All Men Team3043Team Bundy 2322:05:51
General - All Men Team31113About to Peak322:12:16
General - All Men Team3272IM BLAZING!222:18:43
General - All Men Team33200Likely Lads222:20:46
General - All Men Team3492Chigigum Farm Allstars422:29:40
General - All Men Team35151Wii Not Fit322:30:08
General - All Men Team36198Bucking the trend222:38:53
General - All Men Team37196Mossleys 4 pillars422:50:14
General - All Men Team38224Righteous Brothers423:27:53
General - All Men Team39160Boyz Night Out423:28:32
General - All Men Team40148The Hill Descent Experts423:39:40
General - All Men Team41128Villanova Wildcats423:44:56
General - All Men Team42247STRIKE FORCE DELTA423:49:49
General - All Men Team43305THE BEYOND 40 PROJECT423:55:14
General - All Men Team44190Sunday Strollers424:05:01
General - All Men Team45146The Exiles424:47:57
General - All Men Team46264444325:04:07
General - All Men Team4752KK Surgers325:11:37
General - All Men Team48216Mad Dogs425:13:50
General - All Men Team4998ANZAC Bikkies425:30:26
General - All Men Team50129Nemesis325:31:07
General - All Men Team5145The Old Boys425:36:34
General - All Men Team52286Its all downhill from here425:45:29
General - All Men Team53115The 4 Skins425:53:25
General - All Men Team54233The A-team426:00:15
General - All Men Team554141 Battery Team 1426:01:15
General - All Men Team56371Bondi326:05:05
General - All Men Team57366Bee That Cried Wolf226:15:53
General - All Men Team58325Blood Sweat and Beers426:16:25
General - All Men Team59167Team Silk426:22:27
General - All Men Team60313KBR Seniors326:39:38
General - All Men Team61159SMITHYS SOLDIERS326:50:12
General - All Men Team6253allstars326:52:00
General - All Men Team63304the lazy C327:12:36
General - All Men Team6487200 Club327:32:31
General - All Men Team65254Gr8tNuts427:38:13
General - All Men Team66329basophobic mucklr fudders427:56:56
General - All Men Team67332KBR Juniors428:19:17
General - All Men Team68241Holmes Heroes328:21:39
General - All Men Team69137Battle Ridge Battlers428:41:42
General - All Men Team70181Casually Serious328:48:46
General - All Men Team71356The hill seekers428:57:12
General - All Men Team72307The Rock Docs429:00:27
General - All Men Team73152F Troop429:01:29
General - All Men Team74211team RAAC429:20:28
General - All Men Team75144Vinski229:32:06
General - All Men Team7690Hiking Aces on the River329:39:53
General - All Men Team77223Feet First330:13:44
General - All Men Team78195POMKWIZIMAU330:19:29
General - All Men Team79302The Bushys130:23:33
General - All Men Team8027S&B Chaffers130:24:43
General - All Men Team81171Four Amigos330:51:47
General - All Men Team82242Unity College Team 2430:55:09
General - All Men Team83240KMSDS Team Bravo431:08:50
General - All Men Team84114The Strugglers131:30:20
General - All Men Team85354Taiwan Number One234:48:42
General - All Men Team86331goyen 4134:53:46
General - Business Team1117MSD414:33:23
General - Business Team2100Team ANZ415:27:02
General - Business Team3284Team Elite Evolution418:47:25
General - Business Team4212Gordon Green Machine419:39:23
General - Business Team5360Team Technigro420:17:52
General - Business Team68120 STA A421:16:48
General - Business Team7121Team RC Leopards321:21:21
General - Business Team837Peabody Sub 20s421:52:02
General - Business Team9298Zinc Rocks422:16:08
General - Business Team1018DADs Army322:17:35
General - Business Team11263Ramsay Health322:18:14
General - Business Team12111Made for Life322:29:15
General - Business Team13359Plumb Loco323:44:45
General - Business Team14257Medic424:12:20
General - Business Team15119Team RC Tigers424:18:46
General - Business Team16183PEA PODS325:11:27
General - Business Team17228Madmen in Black425:31:31
General - Business Team185Southern Cross Uni Challengers425:36:59
General - Business Team19343Lite n Easy325:49:41
General - Business Team20154Army Headquarters326:18:16
General - Business Team21338Team FulcrumTRG326:26:14
General - Business Team228Anaconda 2327:00:45
General - Business Team23120Team RC Lions427:09:32
General - Business Team24118Team RC Cheetahs427:27:10
General - Business Team2529QinetiQ Australia327:54:59
General - Business Team2658Taxi Please428:25:40
General - Business Team2794White With One128:29:00
General - Business Team2855Pack of Bankers229:35:38
General - Business Team29340Southern Cross Uni Trail Blazers429:36:19
General - Business Team30256The Little Engine That Could430:32:19
General - Business Team3127041 Battery Team 2430:43:09
General - Business Team32372Elston Gunnas330:55:08
General - Business Team33169Bear Grylls Would Eat It331:11:38
General - Business Team3438SSL431:29:15
General - Business Team35327Careflight 1231:55:07
General - Business Team36138Calluses and Curses232:50:08
General - Business Team37234Blistering Speed232:59:47
General - Business Team38102Department of Communities433:50:49
General - Business Team39123Anaconda335:40:20
General - Business Team407Gold Coast State Emergency Service436:35:28
General - Family188The Millens419:55:12
General - Family217Peelers420:47:27
General - Family3365Jungle Jims Mob of Nong Nongs422:15:33
General - Family4179Locos Lobos423:51:33
General - Family5157Family Feat324:49:28
General - Family648Were Back425:47:43
General - Family7362Fernwood Petrie426:25:43
General - Mixed Team147The Invisaligners415:18:36
General - Mixed Team2116Offroad Ostriches415:48:07
General - Mixed Team3424 Life Challenge316:40:53
General - Mixed Team4174Superfit Training416:57:15
General - Mixed Team5363Eight Feet417:08:14
General - Mixed Team644The Smashed Nuts418:01:51
General - Mixed Team739Middle East Kokoda 633418:20:00
General - Mixed Team8336Team Chem318:33:22
General - Mixed Team9165Unity College418:38:31
General - Mixed Team10104Team Morning Glory418:56:14
General - Mixed Team1149Breasts Ahead419:44:54
General - Mixed Team12282Trail Runners420:31:36
General - Mixed Team13161GaleForce Running Squad421:17:35
General - Mixed Team1486MOFOs421:47:29
General - Mixed Team15106Macspeed 4321:48:47
General - Mixed Team16131Red Wine Revellers422:03:47
General - Mixed Team17232WP Wanders422:09:56
General - Mixed Team1875The Neanderthals322:29:39
General - Mixed Team19288Perio Care 2222:31:39
General - Mixed Team2069C.A.F.1422:37:32
General - Mixed Team212652 Gorgeous Women and 2 Old Buggers322:47:18
General - Mixed Team22291Epic322:51:02
General - Mixed Team23164Bootcamp Buddies423:06:28
General - Mixed Team24299weli-crap 4ever423:13:58
General - Mixed Team25973:01423:16:31
General - Mixed Team26337True Grit223:38:52
General - Mixed Team2757Swains Bricklaying423:42:09
General - Mixed Team2882Its Complicated323:51:59
General - Mixed Team29238Redcliffe RSL Team323:59:36
General - Mixed Team30230Fenix Force424:29:09
General - Mixed Team3195TwoDecs424:44:06
General - Mixed Team32344health for life take 2!324:45:52
General - Mixed Team3370health for Life 2224:46:00
General - Mixed Team34205Team AFA424:46:45
General - Mixed Team35206Team JERK424:48:32
General - Mixed Team36210Pikinini Sepik424:49:48
General - Mixed Team37255Love LIFE Fitness324:51:27
General - Mixed Team38504 3 2 1424:57:33
General - Mixed Team39320Crossfit Mooloolaba Team 2425:02:14
General - Mixed Team40283Foote Falcons425:03:07
General - Mixed Team412GASP325:04:55
General - Mixed Team4291Team Dynamic 2011425:08:28
General - Mixed Team43197Easy as ABC425:21:54
General - Mixed Team44214FML125:29:58
General - Mixed Team4585A little bit mad125:31:38
General - Mixed Team46275Four In Balance425:33:43
General - Mixed Team47345Red Eyes, Muddy Feet425:54:15
General - Mixed Team48342Bridge to Far?326:00:49
General - Mixed Team49178Greenslopes Private 2426:14:37
General - Mixed Team50187xray-ted trekkers426:27:05
General - Mixed Team51368Mad Hooers226:34:58
General - Mixed Team5246masalai326:42:37
General - Mixed Team5328Bartercard1326:43:52
General - Mixed Team54346Des&Troy326:47:50
General - Mixed Team55292No Alternative326:57:28
General - Mixed Team56134Bunnings Nerang 1327:03:12
General - Mixed Team57277Are we there yet!427:05:22
General - Mixed Team58126The down hills427:08:25
General - Mixed Team5940Give Pace a Chance427:13:14
General - Mixed Team60248Mary Valley Hill Runners427:14:27
General - Mixed Team61202No Mean Feet427:15:22
General - Mixed Team62734getus427:15:41
General - Mixed Team63105Positively Inspiring Superheroes427:33:50
General - Mixed Team64236Birds and the Bs427:35:16
General - Mixed Team65326Fresh Living427:45:18
General - Mixed Team66221EE2012427:47:22
General - Mixed Team67274Team Afternoon Delight427:48:28
General - Mixed Team6833Try Hards327:55:09
General - Mixed Team6925madmonty428:04:52
General - Mixed Team70369IF ONLY428:09:26
General - Mixed Team71285Mathys428:10:05
General - Mixed Team72262Your Choice428:18:06
General - Mixed Team73249DETERMINATORS428:22:03
General - Mixed Team74207ACTION MEN 3428:22:48
General - Mixed Team75314Churpat328:23:07
General - Mixed Team7677All girls bar one328:39:59
General - Mixed Team77130One Life Live It428:45:20
General - Mixed Team78261THE VOLITIONS328:51:26
General - Mixed Team79110taroa429:11:46
General - Mixed Team8065Beauty and the Beast329:21:38
General - Mixed Team81226Commandettes329:22:34
General - Mixed Team82186Walk, Dont Run429:32:17
General - Mixed Team83544ttitude429:32:25
General - Mixed Team84303The Allies no.1329:38:16
General - Mixed Team85175The 4 Lactics329:49:04
General - Mixed Team86182We read 9 point 6129:50:01
General - Mixed Team87225Tickety-Boo429:57:53
General - Mixed Team88316O For Awesome430:01:46
General - Mixed Team89348KoKo Nuts330:16:14
General - Mixed Team90319Llamas330:18:40
General - Mixed Team91155Lots of legs430:21:49
General - Mixed Team92290Us vs. Wild430:23:02
General - Mixed Team93350Pas Heroes330:24:00
General - Mixed Team9467C.A.F130:30:01
General - Mixed Team95272The Allies No 3330:36:44
General - Mixed Team96239The Allies no.2130:36:48
General - Mixed Team97147Owen Rangers330:40:42
General - Mixed Team983394 Bush Blondes330:55:48
General - Mixed Team9983Wet Wet Wet331:00:52
General - Mixed Team100163Chocky Soldiers331:01:49
General - Mixed Team101361KINGs431:02:27
General - Mixed Team102177Team Justice331:12:33
General - Mixed Team103259Chocolate Soldiers331:15:06
General - Mixed Team104322Canterbury College 2231:18:21
General - Mixed Team105301Canterbury College231:21:16
General - Mixed Team106353Lindisfarne Grammar Lads331:27:33
General - Mixed Team107192Green Trotters231:30:51
General - Mixed Team108173The Supreme Team431:35:13
General - Mixed Team109266Perio Care 1431:40:02
General - Mixed Team110219KMSDS Team Alpha431:57:47
General - Mixed Team111306Cocktails and Dreams232:02:03
General - Mixed Team112149Team Coxy232:04:16
General - Mixed Team1133703 1/2 Women432:05:17
General - Mixed Team114217Team Spirit432:17:56
General - Mixed Team115166Team Greenslopes 1132:24:58
General - Mixed Team11621walk the line 2432:46:55
General - Mixed Team117231Scratched hovercraft & the custard bandits332:48:05
General - Mixed Team11899Escape 2332:55:47
General - Mixed Team119184United Spirit133:55:45
General - Mixed Team120132Four Our Souls434:02:08
General - Mixed Team121278The 4 Kokodateers434:13:07
General - Mixed Team12251crackerjacks334:28:44
General - Mixed Team123193Kims 3 Ricks134:48:56
General - Mixed Team12435Dog Tired335:08:55
General - Mixed Team125312The Scruffs and Buffs435:53:33
General - Mixed Team12624Single File336:08:38
General - Mixed Team12768Tucking and Rolling436:16:38
General - Mixed Team128143Awesome Foursome436:51:33
General - Open1321No Roads Expeditions410:17:24
General - Open21Nike Hammer411:20:39
General - Open3341Team Tally415:23:29
General - Open4140Barefoot Fitness422:30:42
General - Open53244 blind mice422:32:01
General - Open6235Just Keep Walking322:32:35
General - Open7334No Roads Kagi Boys427:10:28
General - Open831Bulls on parade427:16:01
General - Over 50s Team1201ALMOST OVER THE HILL422:11:08
General - Over 50s Team2252rightmind424:29:13
Jim Stillman Cup1JS117Woodridge SHS507:00:26
Jim Stillman Cup2JS084Chapmans Condors407:16:25
Jim Stillman Cup3JS059Gazzolas Bush Turkeys507:31:16
Jim Stillman Cup4JS099Cav Rd 5507:36:57
Jim Stillman Cup5JS001Aquinas (Senior Boyz!)507:53:43
Jim Stillman Cup6JS061Cooksleys Kites407:56:14
Jim Stillman Cup7JS062Mackies Magpies507:57:55
Jim Stillman Cup8JS060Bowens Budgies408:13:09
Jim Stillman Cup9JS039Kenmore State High School508:14:10
Jim Stillman Cup10JS101Cav Rd 7508:23:07
Jim Stillman Cup11JS081Ferny Grove SHS Team 9508:27:19
Jim Stillman Cup12JS026T.O.A.D.S508:31:21
Jim Stillman Cup13JS098Cav Rd 4408:38:05
Jim Stillman Cup14JS003Aquinas College (Year 11s)508:49:30
Jim Stillman Cup15JS004Aquinas College509:05:09
Jim Stillman Cup16JS049SMC Speed509:24:59
Jim Stillman Cup17JS031CITIPOINTE 4509:44:16
Jim Stillman Cup18JS075Ferny Grove SHS Team 4509:45:56
Jim Stillman Cup19JS083Rudkins Roosters509:47:31
Jim Stillman Cup20JS016DSHS-7509:49:54
Jim Stillman Cup21JS015CITIPOINTE 1509:54:07
Jim Stillman Cup22JS040The Smicks409:57:20
Jim Stillman Cup23JS009Aquinas College (Mixed up Crew!)509:58:56
Jim Stillman Cup24JS025The Commandos509:59:41
Jim Stillman Cup25JS006Aquinas College (Junior Girlz Combo)510:01:37
Jim Stillman Cup26JS046UCSC Challengers410:16:17
Jim Stillman Cup27JS079Ferny Grove SHS Team 8510:17:33
Jim Stillman Cup28JS071Elanora Junior 4410:18:32
Jim Stillman Cup29JS008RAFTER410:24:06
Jim Stillman Cup30JS023The Redeemers510:29:45
Jim Stillman Cup31JS100Cav Rd 6410:36:49
Jim Stillman Cup32JS086Mateship310:45:56
Jim Stillman Cup33JS067Nieweys Pink Flamingos510:51:23
Jim Stillman Cup34JS035CITIPOINTE 8511:13:08
Jim Stillman Cup35JS082Ferny Grove SHS Team 10511:16:46
Jim Stillman Cup36JS022The ODea Trippers511:17:55
Jim Stillman Cup37JS065Elleys Egrets411:18:43
Jim Stillman Cup38JS041Kofunda411:21:22
Jim Stillman Cup39JS106Cav Rd 12511:25:39
Jim Stillman Cup40JS095Cav Rd 1511:28:46
Jim Stillman Cup41JS073Ferny Grove SHS Team 2511:34:36
Jim Stillman Cup42JS069Elanora Junior 2411:37:00
Jim Stillman Cup43JS054Browns Plains High 4511:37:43
Jim Stillman Cup44JS074Ferny Grove SHS Team 3511:42:35
Jim Stillman Cup45JS038HPSP GOLD411:55:00
Jim Stillman Cup46JS077Ferny Grove SHS Team 6511:55:20
Jim Stillman Cup47JS043HPSP PURPLE511:55:56
Jim Stillman Cup48JS037HPSP GREEN511:56:19
Jim Stillman Cup49JS028CITIPOINTE 2511:57:12
Jim Stillman Cup50JS076Ferny Grove SHS Team 5511:57:36
Jim Stillman Cup51JS034CITIPOINTE 7511:58:08
Jim Stillman Cup52JS042Hadouken511:58:49
Jim Stillman Cup53JS085sta7512:17:19
Jim Stillman Cup54JS070Elanora Junior 3312:21:03
Jim Stillman Cup55JS033CITIPOINTE 6512:22:13
Jim Stillman Cup56JS097Cav Rd 3512:25:56
Jim Stillman Cup57JS048The Fab Five512:27:26
Jim Stillman Cup58JS078Ferny Grove SHS Team 7512:29:06
Jim Stillman Cup59JS010Python512:29:57
Jim Stillman Cup60JS068Elanora Junior 1512:32:42
Jim Stillman Cup61JS063Walk the Walk412:37:07
Jim Stillman Cup62JS020The Wild Ones312:39:36
Jim Stillman Cup63JS090SSCSullivan512:40:32
Jim Stillman Cup64JS107Elanora Junior Girls412:42:34
Jim Stillman Cup65JS093Varsity College 1512:43:36
Jim Stillman Cup66JS094Varsity College 2512:43:59
Jim Stillman Cup67JS021LAVER512:47:26
Jim Stillman Cup68JS007Canterbury College Students Team 1512:48:35
Jim Stillman Cup69JS072Ferny Grove SHS Team 1512:51:28
Jim Stillman Cup70JS029CITIPOINTE 3513:02:13
Jim Stillman Cup71JS102Cav Rd 8513:08:03
Jim Stillman Cup72JS096Cav Rd 2513:08:37
Jim Stillman Cup73JS111Corinda3413:09:39
Jim Stillman Cup74JS047JAKKS213:11:08
Jim Stillman Cup75JS116Corinda8513:13:36
Jim Stillman Cup76JS114Corinda6513:14:22
Jim Stillman Cup77JS110Corinda2413:14:32
Jim Stillman Cup78JS113Corinda5513:15:05
Jim Stillman Cup79JS112Corinda4513:16:02
Jim Stillman Cup80JS109Corinda1513:19:14
Jim Stillman Cup81JS091SSCCarter513:29:15
Jim Stillman Cup82JS032CITIPOINTE 5513:37:12
Jim Stillman Cup83JS036CITIPOINTE 9513:40:12
Jim Stillman Cup84JS027UCSC Team Eccentric513:43:53
Jim Stillman Cup85JS019ONEILL413:46:22
Jim Stillman Cup86JS005FREEMAN413:56:37
Jim Stillman Cup87JS002SRC/ADMIN413:57:21
Jim Stillman Cup88JS104Cav Rd 10413:58:23
Jim Stillman Cup89JS088Tambo T1514:09:05
Jim Stillman Cup90JS044St Michaels A Team514:15:15
Jim Stillman Cup91JS052Browns Plains High 2514:20:54
Jim Stillman Cup92JS053Browns Plains High514:26:18
Jim Stillman Cup93JS103Cav Rd 9414:29:33
Jim Stillman Cup94JS050Our Ladies514:45:54
Jim Stillman Cup95JS105Cav Rd 11514:52:56
Jim Stillman Cup96JS058Dynamile515:28:54
Jim Stillman Cup97JS051Browns Plains High 1415:31:34
Jim Stillman Cup98JS087Courage516:56:40
Jim Stillman Cup99JS055Browns Plains High 5417:29:41
Jim Stillman Cup100JS056Marsden All-Stars417:41:25
Kokoda Kids1GC-NorthKokoda Kids GC-North1434:42:51
Kokoda Kids2Bris-SouthKokoda Kids Bris-South635:02:26
Kokoda Kids3GC-SouthKokoda Kids GC-South1535:27:54
Kokoda Kids4Bris-NorthKokoda Kids Bris-North937:46:14
Kokoda Kids5TweedKokoda Kids Tweed1137:46:44
Stan Bisset Cup1SB10St Andrews 1517:30:52
Stan Bisset Cup2SB1Hogans Heroes517:53:03
Stan Bisset Cup3SB35Psych Outs321:03:57
Stan Bisset Cup4SB12St Andrews 3522:28:44
Stan Bisset Cup5SB7Upper Coomera State College High Performers523:38:11
Stan Bisset Cup6SB24BAC523:52:27
Stan Bisset Cup7SB8Cavendish1323:57:16
Stan Bisset Cup8SB50Fairweathers425:32:46
Stan Bisset Cup9SB28SSCSaw325:41:45
Stan Bisset Cup10SB4Endurance525:45:01
Stan Bisset Cup11SB31Cavendish5526:21:56
Stan Bisset Cup12SB26Sacrifice326:36:24
Stan Bisset Cup13SB5Team SLC526:43:19
Stan Bisset Cup14SB9Benowa Red526:44:15
Stan Bisset Cup15SB44UCSC OLD BOYS326:54:14
Stan Bisset Cup16SB27Team Concordian527:19:07
Stan Bisset Cup17SB48DSHS - 4327:21:51
Stan Bisset Cup18SB17Hervey Bay High Team 1127:30:10
Stan Bisset Cup19SB37Hervey Bay High Team 2227:30:21
Stan Bisset Cup20SB15St Andrews 5428:00:47
Stan Bisset Cup21SB32Cavendish2528:03:18
Stan Bisset Cup22SB14St Andrews 4428:07:17
Stan Bisset Cup23SB46Elanora Girl Power428:11:33
Stan Bisset Cup24SB49Merrimac Orange428:31:14
Stan Bisset Cup25SB11St Andrews 2528:39:13
Stan Bisset Cup26SB33Dalby Heavey HItters328:42:16
Stan Bisset Cup27SB29Corinda Cougars Part4529:28:46
Stan Bisset Cup28SB20Corinda Cougars3529:29:23
Stan Bisset Cup29SB39Corinda Cougars Mach5429:30:32
Stan Bisset Cup30SB3Corinda Cougars1529:31:01
Stan Bisset Cup31SB19Corinda Cougars 2529:31:51
Stan Bisset Cup32SB30The Highlanders329:43:29
Stan Bisset Cup33SB6Walking Tall429:51:03
Stan Bisset Cup34SB34Stephensons Crew330:14:33
Stan Bisset Cup35SB16Cavendish3530:14:40
Stan Bisset Cup36SB38The Maj Team330:33:08
Stan Bisset Cup37SB36Benowa Black330:44:16
Stan Bisset Cup38SB47Team Nassiep430:48:07
Stan Bisset Cup39SB13Spirit531:46:39
Stan Bisset Cup40SB25Merrimac Green332:24:00
Stan Bisset Cup41SB18Cavendish4533:28:50