Welcome to KMLTracks

KMLTracks is an Information Systems development, integration and application service provider business. KMLTracks prides itself on integrating different technologies to build advanced and innovative customised solutions to meet individual requirements. KMLTracks has developed a number of unique hardware and software solutions. One such solution is a event management system to scan, upload, track and display people in real-time via the internet, email, sms text messages, and in Google Maps/Earth.

KMLTracks would be interested in providing a proposal to build and/or install a new system to meet your requirements, to integrate your existing systems, or provide ongoing support for your systems. KMLTracks has extensive experience with a wide range of hardware and software technologies including databases, web/internet, email, SMS, GPS, open source applications and much more... please contact us to discuss your ideas.

We're excited about the innovation provided by KMLTracks which allows supporters to be involved and keep up to date, in the comfort of their own homes.
Doug Henderson, Chairman - Kokoda Challenge Association